Smart battery charger

The needs

Lead-acid batteries used by electric toys (cars, motorcycles...) are often subjected to irregular charge and discharge cycles. The toy can be used until the battery is completely discharged or only for short periods of time, or remain unused for very long period, even several months, which cause a complete self-discharge of battery.

Battery charging phase can therefore be started with batteries in different state of charge, and the charging process could sometimes be only performed for short and close periods (e.g. the child does not want to wait for a full charge before start playing again). In the same way, battery could also remain connected to the charger for days for forgetfulness.

These irregular and incomplete charge/discharge cycles can reduce the performance of toy batteries and produce a progressive deterioration of the same.

In order to perform an optimal charging process, regardless of battery state of charge and to ensure maximum durability and efficiency over time, a large international company leader in the sector of product for children asked us the design of a smart battery charger that automatically regulates battery charging process depending on its state.

The challenges

  • Support for 6V, 12V and 24 V lead-acid batteries
  • Detection of connected battery state of charge
  • Automatic modulation of charging parameters (voltage and current)
  • Detection of faulty batteries (e.g. sulphation of lead plates)
  • Compatible with equivalent lithium-ion battery packs
  • Compliance with toy safety regulations
  • Multi-country electric plug

The realization

SLBC devices are smart battery charger for lead-acid batteries, also compatible with equivalent lithium-ion packs.

They are available in 6V, 12V and 24V versions, all equipped with interchangeable slide plugs for compatibility with electrical sockets in many countries around the world.

SLBC devices are equipped with a small internal microprocessor that implements a smart algorithm to identify the status of the connected battery and continuously adjust the electrical charging parameters, in order to maximize charging efficiency and battery lifetime.

To maximize safety, SLBC devices have a non-opening plastic case (ultrasonic welding) and are equipped with all the safety certifications required by current regulations for toys.

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