temperature and humidity industrail sensors


The needs

A large international group operating in the industrial refrigeration sector need to renew and expand its range of temperature and humidity sensors with more accurate and performing solutions, which could be natively integrated with existing refrigeration controllers and measurement system.

The new required sensors are intended for use in industrial and commercial environments (refrigerated counters, cold rooms, seasoning environments...) and must therefore guarantee an adequate level of protection from external agents while maintaining the measurement characteristics required by the application.

The challenges

  • Modular project able to support all product variants requested by the customer
  • High accuracy digital sensor element, pre-calibrated and in-field replaceable
  • IP65 degree protection of the entire device while maintaining permeability to external environmental parameters
  • Digital calibration on product variants with analog outputs
  • Simplicity and ease of wiring and installation
  • Wide range of AC and DC power supply voltage

The realization

The analysis of customer requirements led to the creation of dedicated plastic case that acts as a structure for the sensitive element, for the wall fixing points and for the wiring system via a removable terminal block. The electronic circuitry, on the hand, is fixed on the lid of the plastic case and is automatically connected to the sensitive element and to the wiring when closing the enclosure.

The entire device has an IP65 protection degree guaranteed by special gaskets and rubber rings placed between its various parts.

The sensitive element to measure temperature and humidity comes out of the device and is protected by a dedicated PTFE membrane, which guarantees the correct permeability to the surrounding environmental parameters while maintaining the IP65 protection degree. This element can be separately supplied as a spare to be easily replaced in case of its wear or clogging, especially when devices are used in particularly dirty and wearing environments.

The devices operate with a wide range of supply voltages both in AC and in DC and are available with different types of interfaces to reading systems, current-sink 4-20mA, 4-20mA multiple current-source and RS485 with MODBUS-RTU protocol.

The analog outputs, available on some models, are individually calibrated in digital mode during production to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

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