power supply absence detector

The needs

The need for an autonomous system for monitoring the presence of power supply in peripheral offices was expressed to us by two large national groups that provide services thanks to multiple interconnected offices.

This monitoring system would allow these groups to be able to determine whether the missing connection of a peripheral office is related to a mobile network connectivity problem or to a local power supply failure.

The analysis of these needs led iSEMAR to identify further application fields for a device of this type, such as monitoring the presence of local power supply in second homes, shops, offices, and any other place where the lack of electricity may causa damage, disservices or loss of safety (e.g. refrigerators, freezers, alarm systems, communication systems...).

The challenges

  • Built-in geographic wireless communication interface (no local network)
  • Modular project capable of supporting different types of radio for geographical communication
  • Good radio connectivity even in difficult installations (e.g. cellars, semi-underground floors)
  • No maintenance required (no use of primary rechargeable batteries)
  • Direct power supply from the electrical grid to monitor
  • Long operating autonomy in absence of main power supply to ensure the correct notification of status change
  • Remote IoT platform for manage, store data and generate alarms/notifications

The realization

PSM series products are small, simple and inexpensive IoT devices, acting as monitors of single-phase network voltage from which they are powered, and that notify in real time the absence (and recovery) of the power supply in the rooms where they are installed.

PSM devices use cellular connectivity to notify power supply state changes to a remote platform for monitoring, data collecting and events notification. The devices communicate natively with the iSEMAR IoT platform called iTHINGS, available as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS , but can be configured to integrate directly with other IoT platforms used by end customers.

PSM devices, in presence of local power supply, store an amount of energy sufficient to ensure the correct transmission of the power-off event to the remote IoT platform when the local power supply fails.

The remote platform tracks also the quality parameters of device radio connection in order to verify the level of coverage and to guarantee the correct service operation.

PSM products have a microSIM (3FF format) to access the cellular network of the chosen operator and are available with GPRS connectivity (PSM01-G model) and NB-IoT (PSM01-N model) to allow both the widest choice of mobile network operator and the best coverage of radio signal even in difficult installation conditions.

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