electric vehicle charging stations

The needs

The fast and growing expansion of electric vehicles, also facilitated by various forms of local and national incentives, led the global market to develop new types of devices dedicated to charge these vehicles. Multiple technologies and standard have been defined around this need, in order to create a wide ecosystem of hardware and software solutions that make the charging process of electric vehicles simpler, faster and globally available.

Given the strong growth of this market, the SEMAR group decided to invest in this sector by designing its own charging solutions, widely modular to adapt to multiple usage scenarios, such as individual residential users, corporate fleets or semi-public installations.

A careful study of the reference standards and market, followed by a comparative analysis of existing solutions, led to the definition of the minimum requirements that SEMAR group solutions should have met.

The challenges

  • IEC 61851-1 AC wallbox and column, charging mode 3, cases B and C
  • Charging power up to 22kW
  • Suitable for private or semi-public usage
  • Modular design to support multiple product variants and different scenarios
  • Flexible and configurable charging mode, with dynamic load management and support for renewable sources
  • Charging authentication via RFID card and Bluetooth
  • Multiple wireless and wired connectivity
  • Several local and remote management modes, both personal and centralized
  • Single use or clustering
  • IP grade for outdoor installations

The realization

INFINERGI is a family of AC charging stations for electric vehicles (Mode 3 EVSE - Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment), entirely designed and manufactured by the SEMAR group. This product family covers from the simple and cheap single-phase device for residential and personal use, up to 22kW three-phases devices with a wide range of features for semi-public installations. INFINERGI design was focused on obtaining a high degree of safety (exceeding the reference standard requirements), maximum usage flexibility and a wide choice of smart features. These are the main distinguishing features of the INFINERGI solution created by the SEMAR group

  • IEC 61851-1 AC charging mode 3
  • Case B (untethered) and case C (tethered) EV connection
  • Single-phase (7.4kW max) and three-phases (22kW max) power supply and charge
  • Wall mounting or a dedicated metal stand
  • IP55 protection degree and IK8 impact resistance for outdoor and street-side installations
  • No cooling fans, 99.95% charging efficiency, stand-by consumptions less than 2W
  • High level of electrical safety and complete self-test before each charge process
  • Dynamic load management to optimize charging in residential installations
  • Green charge management from renewable sources
  • Multiple charging modes, with a calendar-based scheduling
  • Support of MID certified energy meters for semi-public installations
  • Support of multiple additional energy meters, both wired and wireless
  • Wide choice of network interfaces and secure communications protocols
  • WEB and mobile application, iTHINGS cloud platform for personal or corporate use
  • Centralized management via OCPP 1.6J standard or proprietary protocol
  • Support for direct connection with the main cloud platforms
  • 3.5” TFT touchscreen color display
  • Charge authorization via RFID card or via APP
  • Support of local clustering
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