power quality monitors

The needs

The main Italian telecommunications operator needed to collect statistical data about the quality of electric power used to feed their decentralized network nodes (e.g. miniDSLAM VDSL2, MSAN, DPU...), typically located in the street side cabinets.

The need came after multiple temporary disservices to their end customers, especially in specific geographic areas, probably related to anomalies or discontinuities in the electric grid.

An accurate analysis of electric power quality would have allowed the implementation of proper actions to increase the reliability and resilience of their network services (e.g. correct sizing and use of local power backup systems).

In order to implement this monitoring campaign on their network nodes, the customer expressed the need of a monitoring device with features not available on another single device currently on the market.


The challenges

  • Power quality monitoring according to IEC61000-4-30
  • IP degree suitable for outdoor environments and compact size for reduced installation spaces
  • Wide range of operating temperature and resistance to mechanical stress, since the street side cabinets are exposed to sun, bad weather and vibrations
  • Measurements even in presence of power interruption or voltage drops thanks to its integrated battery
  • Wireless connectivity for remote control and unlimited cloud storage (no locale storage to download data)
  • Remote IoT platform for a complete management, data and events view, and generation of alarms and notifications

The realization

PQM (Power Quality Monitor) family products are real-time meters of qualitative and electrical parameters of low-voltage (230/380V) single-phase (PQM01) and three-phase (PQM03) power lines.

They constantly analyze all electrical cycles collecting several parameters as required by the IEC61000-4-30 standard for class S meters.

The devices integrate a rechargeable battery that allows the correct protection and transmission of electrical measurements / events even in the presence of interruptions or strong drops in the monitor network voltage.

These acquired values are sent to a remote monitoring and control platform for data collection and notifications configuration in case of anomalous power events.

The remote platform tracks also the quality parameters of device radio connection in order to verify the level of coverage and to guarantee the correct service operation.

The devices communicate natively with the iSEMAR IoT platform called iTHINGS, available as IaaS, PaaS and Saas, but can be integrated with the other IoT platforms in use by end customers.

PQM products are completely plug&play, have built-in WiFi, BT/BLE and GPRS connectivity, and the IP65 enclosure makes them installable even in outdoor environments. They are available in single-phase and three-phase versions.

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