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We create custom solutions starting from customer needs, carefully choosing the best technologies in order to guarantee systems optimized in terms of performance and cost.

These are some of our realizations that show our great application versatility. Tell us your needs and we will find together the optimal solution.


iSEMAR PMS (Process Monitoring System) is a fully plug&play, flexible and secure IIoT system designed for real-time monitoring of tools used in industrial manufacturing processes.

PMS series devices and software modularity allows to tailor the whole system based on customer requirements, in order to track activities of many different tools and processes.

PMS is composed of Sensor Units, Processing Units and Gateway Units, which are self discovered and configured for required services from iSemar's centralized provisioning system.

A dedicated WEB application allows full system control, deep analysis and KPI of real-time and historical data on underlying database. The same application manages and tracks all the maintenance and repair activities of the monitored equipment.


PQM (Power Quality Monitor) family products are real-time meters of qualitative and electrical parameters of low-voltage (230/380V) single-phase and three-phases power lines.

They constantly analyze all electrical cycles collecting several parameters as required by the IEC61000-4-30 standard for class S meters. These acquired values are sent to a remote monitoring and control platform for data collection and notifications management in case of anomalous power events.

PQM products are completely plug & play, have built-in WiFi, BT/BLE, GPRS and NB-IoT connectivity, and the IP65 enclosure makes them operate even in outdoor environments. They are available for measurements on voltage only or on voltage and current (using external Rogowski), and in single-phase and three-phase versions.


Aircare is an IoT device for monitoring multiple quality parameters of indoor environments, which are essential for the well-being of the people living there.
The device periodically measures up to 15 different environmental parameters.

Air quality
Volatile organic compounds, CO2, fine powders PM2.5 and PM10, eCO2, IAQ index

Environmental comfort
Sound level, brightness, temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure

Low-frequency magnetic fields, high-frequency electromagnetic fields, WiFi networks number and power level
< br> Aircare is available in various combinations of sensors and multiple types of radio connectivity (WiFi, BT / BLE, GPRS, NB-IoT and LoRaWAN).


The BBU series devices are DIN-rail battery backup units, suitable for ensuring the continuity of power supply to DC lines from 24 up to 60 Volts.
BBU units are available with lithium-ion (Li-Ion) and lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, and with capacities up to 190Wh and a maximum deliverable power of 500W.

• Automatic charger and power-path switching integrated in the device.
• NFC integrated tag for operational parameters, statistics and events history of IN and OUT faults reading.
• Indication of local (LED and TAG NFC) and remote alarm through signaling contact.
• Possibility of cluster connection with other BBU units via RS485/MODBUS interfaces in order to extend discharge autonomy through automatic sequential dispensing.
• Remote control and monitoring through interconnection to a dedicated NB-IoT connectivity module, usable on a single unit BBU or on a cluster.

Power Status Monitor

PSM series products are small, simple and inexpensive IoT devices, acting as monitors of single-phase network voltage from which they are powered, and that notify in real time the absence (and recovery) of the power supply in the rooms where they are installed.

PSM devices use cellular connectivity to notify power supply state changes to a remote platform for monitoring, data collecting and events notification.

The remote platform tracks also the quality parameters of device radio connection in order to verify the level of coverage and to guarantee the correct service operation.

PSM products are available with GPRS cellular connectivity and NB-IoT to allow the radio signal best coverage even in difficult installation conditions.


iSEMAR has also created a family of temperature and humidity sensors for industrial and commercial environments.

The devices operate with a wide range of supply voltages both in AC and in DC and are available with different types of interface to reading systems, current-sink 4-20mA, 4-20mA multiple current-source and RS485 with MODBUS-RTU protocol.

All devices are individually calibrated during production, have a IP65 protection degree and allow the replacement of only the sensor part in case of wear or clogging of the PTFE protective membrane.